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News: The site is finally online.


Okt 14 2006

Got my Intuos3 A5 Wide yesterday. Here's two sketches: 1. klick 2. klick
I think ill finish the pages next week...

Okt 08 2006

ok, my Wacom Volito broke down today. Since i wanted to buy a Intuos3 A5 Wide anyways i just ordered one today. 360 of my hardly earned money -> gone. And yes, i was still to lazy to upload the rest of the pages yet... The only thing online by now:   -Link-

Okt 02 2006

Seems like the host is working and i can start uploading the pages one by one. By now only the index-page is online. Next i will work to finish the gallery.

Sept 30 2006

After about two and a half years and countless started websites i finally took the time to finish one of them. It still needs to be filled , but atleast the biggest part of the work is done.